Cecon Moisture Magnet, the industrial Dehumidifiers are designed to permanently sovle and unbelievable range of problems associated with excessive moisture. They dry air automatically at a surprisingly low cost.

For equivalent moisture removal it usually cost less than half as much to own and operate as either adsorption or absorption equipment. The only periodic maintenance required is the cleaning of air filter, which can be accessed with simple tools.

De-humidification is accomplished by drawing the room air into the dehumidifier and cooling it below the ambient dew point. This results in condensing of water vapour. The air is then passed through the refrigerant condenser coil, reheated and blown back into the room.


  • Cabinet and structure are constructed of heavy gauge CR steel, finished in a pleasing colour. Panels are easily removable for ready access to working parts.
  • Coils are of multi-row design, made of copper tubing and aluminium fins.
  • Compressor is a heavy duty hermetically sealed type of a reputed brand. It has a built in overload protection.
  • Condensate disposal is through a hose or a permanent drain piping can be fitted.
  • Humidity control is accomplished by an adjustable line voltage humidistat, controlling the compressor.
  • Operating Range: 5oC 40oC, R.H. from 30% - 100%
  • Operating Voltage: 200 240V AC 50Hz. Single phase.


Model Capacity
Suggested room vol.
DI - 05 10 - 12 2000 90
DI - 010 20 - 22 3000 120


  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • Pathology Labs
  • Library
  • Govt. Medical Institutions
  • Pharmaceutical Industries