Air Shower

In clean room or biologically clean room, the greatest source of dust and bacteria is human being. Therefore, it becomes essential to install AIR SHOWER for control of contamination at the entrance leading to the clean room.

Air Shower prevents a person entering the clean room from carrying with him dust and bacteria adhering to his body, clothing etc. Through air jets produced by the clean air circulatory system of the equipment. Air Shower also provides and effective air lock system which restricts the clean area in the event of door opening.

Principle of Working

As the person enters the shower room, the start switch activates the pre-selected shower time to produce flood of high velocity low pressure clean air through the fourteen concentric nozzles which washes away dust particles and other contamination adhere to the body and the same is swept away through the filtration media provided at the floor level exhaust of the equipment. The electronic timer also activates magnetic locking system of the unit which is synchronized with the Air Shower timing for entry and exit. High efficiency Micro-filtration medias are used for cleaning & recycling of the clean air in the Air Shower upto efficiency to produce Class 100 or Class 10000 clean air.


Cecon Air Shower is available in two models for single person entry & two person entry, having strong Galvanoized SS body construction, fitted with double Aluminium Frame Doors provided with glass panels. Illumination with two Fluorescent tubes, air cycle controlled through fan blowers assembly. High velocity air is discharged through the SS air shower nozzles. Filtration of air through set of micron filters having high quality HEPA filter with pre-fitted filtration element with cleaning efficiency 99.99% at 0.3 micron and Pre-Filter (washable) for return air. The noise level is less than 70 db during operation. The doors are provided with interlocking by solid-state electronic/microprocessor controlled magnetic door locking system. Air Flow is permanently lubricated direct drive centrifugal blower. Supplied complete with inbuilt control panel, operating switches, indicator lamps and four core lead connection. Easy to clean Stainless Steel Flooring, Emergency Escape Button, Automatic Swing Door, inbuilt Lighting Screen showing Text/Operating Instructions. Air Velocity = 20 MPS, Air Change > 350 times/hr., Fluorescent Light 20 Watts, 4 Nos.


Cecon Air Shower - 'Clean Room Entry System' is ready to use equipment and find high utility applications in many industries and quality control divisions of:

  • Electronic and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Research Centres
  • Semi-Conductor
  • Processing Areas
  • Computer Manufacturing and many other places requiring restrictive clean room entry.