Brass and Bronze

If your opulent bungalow or beautiful garden need a matching fashion iron lamp, then you have reached right destination. Our professional designers are fully aware with prevailing fashion trends and our experienced workers exert their skill with full enthusiasm to provide our quality and style conscious clients the best in the market. We offer wrought iron lamps, wrought iron wall lamps, decorative iron lamps, wrought iron chandelier lamp, wrought iron hanging lamps, wrought iron lighting, wrought iron sconces, wrought iron wall sconces, hurricane lamp, outdoor lamp, wrought iron chandelier lamp, wrought iron floor lamp, wrought iron table lamp etc.

Our current range of products includes Paper lamp shades, pendant lamps, table lamp with shades, paper star lamps, star lamp shades, and paper star lanterns, paper star lights, paper lamps and paper lights. We are proud to say that all the products we create are made from papers which can be recycled. All the products of ours are handmade and created by our designers who are qualified, experienced and possess a keen interest in designing something thats entirely unique. You can also have your choice of folded light art items designed by us by sending us your specifications about your dream item and we will deliver it to you! Our paper star lanterns and paper star lamps are manufactured with the sole purpose of decorating your home, office, garden, shade and life with our awesome lights.

Our designing and manufacturing team at Lights of India believes in creating just what soothes the eyes and lighting up your life with our warm yet fierce colors. Thats why we choose red, yellow, cream and orange colors to make our paper lights and paper lamps out of. Our range of papers varies from simple plain to crafted and decorated ones. These papers are designed by our designers and printed before they are cut out to be a part of our unique folded light art. Our lights can be gifted on birthdays, anniversaries, and can also be used as Holiday decoration, Christmas decorations, weddings and Visual Merchandising.

We market our entire collection in Europe and North America, Australia and New Zealand to chain stores and top importers who believe in our zest to spread light and happiness.