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Automatic Gas Operated SS Drum Tandoor-39”x26”x14”


  • Model No: HA-JO AGO SSDT-101

Product Details

A Clay pot is fitted in a A. I. S. I. 304 Stainless Steel Barrel in a Plain Design with 3 Straps tied round its Top, Centre and Bottom for reinforcement. 4 Handles (Collapsible type) are provided for Lifting, Pushing and Pulling. A Ceramic Based Earthen Clay Oven is duly insulated and Installed in the Barrel with high Density Imported Thermocol Balls, instant use type with 4 Heavy Duty Castors at the bottom making the unit Mobile. The top surface is covered with Insulation Blankets overlapped with removable type 16 s.w.g Stainless Steel top. The Mouth of the Tandoor is lined with Stainless Steel Border with 1” depression having Heat Resistant Stone to avoid direct heat Transfer on the Steel top. A Low Pressure LP Gas Burner is fixed at the base of the Oven along with an Industrial Pilot Burner equipped with sensor and Ignition Sparker for Auto Ignition. Gas Safety Control Valve on the front Panel is provided to Control Gas Intensity. A Push Button Ignition Lighter is provided for lighting the Burner. Thick Perforated M. S. Gas Plate is placed on the burners. This enables the flame to directly hit the walls of the Tandoor and allows deflection of heat evenly on all sides. Natural Volcanic Lava Stones are supplied to be placed on the Baffle Plates. Lava Stones when heated, emits a Natural Charcoal flavor inside the room of the Gas Tandoori Oven. A flexible 4-ft. S.S. Hose is provided with a Pressure Regulator to attach it to nearby Gas Bank. A Temperature Gauge is provided for Monitoring the running temperature of the Oven.

Dimensions: 39 x 26 x 14 in

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