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Solid Round Shape Ice Cube Machine-130


  • Model No: HAIBZX-130

Product Details

Crystal-Clear Ice Cubes produced using Patented Centrifugal Technology from Germany. With the horizontal Evaporator Technology, every Ice Cube is formed Separately. A perfect companion for Hard Drinks and also known to be the best Ice Cube Shape for Packaged Ice Selling.

  • Production: 170 Kgs/Day
  • Batch: 96 Ice Cubes/Batch
  • Storage: 150 Kg
  • KW: 1.15 kw
  • Unit: 27.60 Units/Day
  • Dimensions: H-1600mm x W-700mm x D-840mm
  • Weight: 140 Kg
• Introducing for the First Time in India – Feature Packed Touch Screen Display. 

• Feature Packed Touch Panel Keeps the User in Control.

• New Patent Pending Slide Out Design.

• World’s Only Fully Stainless Steel Ice Producing System.

• Ice-boy’s 100% 304 Grade Stainless Steel Ice Producing System gives you the long lasting Quality and Durability that other Ice  Machines do not.

• German Patented Centrifugal System to give you Long Lasting Crystal Clear Ice Cubes.

• German Patented Centrifugal System for Perfect Crystal Clear Individual Ice Cubes.

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